At John Keells BPO, we provide our clients with a services-based extension to their existing technology products and services to enable increased customer satisfaction and to build brand loyalty.

We help our clients build additional revenue streams by providing support to the typically underserved and out-of-scope technology market. In short, our Premium Technical Support services help our clients drive customer lifetime value as well as increase revenue.

Support for all Devices and Softwares.

Our PTS agents handle many different types of calls focusing on providing a high level of customer support and achieving first call resolution.

Revenue Generation.

Our PTS services provide revenue generation opportunities to enhance the level of customer care; our program offers a unique value-add or up-sell opportunity for your business.

Effective Resolution: Happy Customers.

Our effective tiered support system ensures that every customer receives the right level of support; every contact provides a solution that satisfies and retains customers.

Over 40,000 Customers Served Monthly.

Our PTS agents handle more than 40,000 customer interactions monthly with an impressive 94% issue resolution rate.

Our Premium Technical Support agents provide high-quality, multi-lingual, and round-the-clock live support for our clients’ technology products and services. We are flexible; we offer subscription plans (monthly, annual), one-time request (plan per incident) as well as anytime technical support plans for the most demanding consumers (24×7, 365 days a year). Our goal is to satisfy every key business challenge including effective issue resolution, simple and effective support, and building trust and loyalty.