We are constantly driving efficiency so you can maximize the return on investment.

In order to provide our partners the best client experience in the industry, we base our operating methodology in three main pillars: business process management and improvement, quality assurance, and advanced analytics.

Business Process Management

Business process management is about much more than just handling processes and reducing costs. It’s a systematic approach focused on continuously improving efficiencies, increasing productivity and creating an ability to predict process outcomes without further investments in technology. Business Process Management simply focuses on making your processes more efficient to add value to your business.

With our particular approach, your processes are continuously improved with the help of Six Sigma methodologies, COPC guidelines and IT-driven process reengineering. We work hand-in-hand with you towards overall business effectiveness, innovation, flexibility and integration with the most efficient technology in the industry.

Quality Assurance

John Keells BPO has an entire team dedicated to maintaining quality and to continuously improving business processes.

Our core ideology is based on the Six Sigma Process – “Measure, Control and Manage” – a business management strategy that improves the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of errors and minimizing inconsistencies.

In keeping with the Six Sigma guidelines, our team includes green belts, black belts and master black belts, and we aim to eventually provide Six Sigma training to all our operations employees.

Our Six Sigma approach is supported by:

  • DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control), a proven project methodology for achieving a low defect rate and improving processes
  • Process baseline definition and benchmarking
  • Monitoring continuous improvement
  • Using color-coded and process specific dashboards for gauging Critical Performance Measures (CPMs) and drivers

Each Six Sigma project we carry out follows a defined sequence of steps and has clear, quantified metrics in place for mapping quality and progress.

Advanced Analytics

John Keells BPO has developed a unique advanced analytics process called DAT-A4 which stands for Anticipate, Act, Analyze and Achieve. We embrace data as our tool of choice for uncovering intelligent, comprehensive and useful business insights for our clients. Think of DAT-A4 as our secret weapon for helping you become more competitive and differentiating you from your competitors.