We truly believe every unique business challenge requires a unique solution. That simple philosophy guides our solution design and implementation process. Your program, your way!


There are a number of traits that make John Keells BPO the partner of choice for business process outsourcing including our focus on innovation, our data driven methodologies, our operational excellence, and our experience as a BPO client.

We offer a Client – Centric approach

When it comes to business process outsourcing, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We combine our experience and our research with our robust technology platform to design and deploy solutions that meet every specific client need. We work closely with our clients to develop the most appropriate support model with the right channel mix to ensure both customer satisfaction and cost efficiency.

Regardless of program size, every client is one of our valued partners and we are truly committed to providing the support they require to their demanding business goals. Every client is important to us.

We offer Outcome – Based pricing models

At John Keells BPO we deliver results, not hours!  We are so confident in our ability to deliver results that we simply align with our clients’ business goals. Whether our clients are looking to achieve a target CSAT or NPS, we have the customer service methodology, the experience, and the tools required to hit every target.

We enable the front-line to enhance your brand value

Our agents are responsible for providing the effective, friendly, and knowledgeable support your customers demand. At John Keells BPO, we are committed to enabling our front line agents with the skills, knowledge, and tools require so that they can provide the best quality of customer interaction in the industry. By investing in our agents, we make a direct investment in the success of your programs and your organization. Our goal is to provide you with loyal brand advocates that can keep your customers happy about your products and services.

We have the Financial Stability to invest in your long-term success

Companies our size come and go but we are different. At John Keells BPO, we are fueled by the deep and wide industry expertise, and the financial strength of our parent organization, John Keells Holdings. We can leverage this strength to ensure business continuity and to invest in your growth. Whether you require a new service delivery location, access to a new geography, enhanced technology capabilities, you name it, we are here to help you.

We offer our clients multiple layers of support

As a former outsourcing client, we know what it takes to make a program successful. A program’s success depends on much more than our mere ability to execute transactions and our ability to provide outstanding customer service. That’s our standard services include multiple layers of support in the areas of training design and delivery, campaign analysis and business insights, agent and customer analytics, compensation strategies, and overall program management. We work with our clients to establish enhanced communication tools and protocol to ensure we are proactive in meeting their needs.

When you partner with John Keells BPO you’ll find that successful outsourcing is possible!